Taxis, worrying bylaws and the latest on 27 Orient


Darron Araujo WRRA chairperson

Darron Araujo, WRRA chairperson

The WRRA has been in existence for little more than a month, but already much has been accomplished.

Here is what we have achieved in the past weeks.


Taxi in Main Road

Our transport committee met with Wynberg taxi operators to discuss their concerns and ours: they are particularly interested to work with us and have noted that many illegal operators are in fact using the Wynberg route, causing congestion and non-compliance.

We are in the process of scheduling another meeting with still more taxi operators to gather more information and to try to ensure direct dialogue between us.

Budget allocations

stop sign

We’ve also submitted our proposals for ward allocations – that is how the City budget for Wynberg could be spent. Our suggestions were:

  • We requested a field worker attached to the Haven to foster an outreach approach from our community.
  • We requested much traffic calming, specifically the creation of stop streets in the area closest to Main Road.
    Read our full proposal here.

 Public comment given

The WRRA exco has also given public comment on:

  • The Draft Municipal Planning By-law This bylaw will govern all building projects across the peninsula. We supplied a detailed list of concerns to the City and supported the Greater Cape Town Civic Alliance’s concerns also. This is a very worrying proposed piece of legislation that will afford the City sweeping abilities, including
    1. the ability to remove overlay zones*,
    2. no clear appeals authority is envisaged or created in the bylaw, and
    3. a ‘pre-application consultation process’ is envisaged for developers without a similar process for objectors.
      Read our full response here.
  • The Draft Open Data Policy This policy is also concerning as wide powers are again given the City, specifically the City’s portal steering committee, regarding the City’s website – including the removal of current content from public access.
    Read our full response here.
  •  The Electrification of Backyard Dwellings Policy, which is a very positive regulatory policy that we supported.
  • The Residential Electricity Reticulation Policy, to which we posted no objection, as this will aim to provide access to electricity to still more homes across Cape Town.
    Read our full response to both electricity policies here. 

    * What are overlay zones? These are zones placed on top of existing zones to which special rules apply in addition to the rules already applying to the existing zones. For instance, overlay zones may be created to protect or preserve the area’s natural resources, character or groundwater quality, or encourage economic development.


Our membership has almost reached the 100 member mark, including body corporates and commercial trusts. Remember in order for the WRRA exco to have a mandate to take up issues on your behalf, you must be a member. Join here!

Greater Cape Town Civic Alliance

We’ve registered with the Greater Cape Town Civic Alliance and are the newest association to join this umbrella group of over 150 other ratepayer associations.

27 Orient Road

27 Orient Rd

We have also reported the illegal work conducted at 27 Orient and had a cease-works order issued in June, as the due environmental restrictions placed on the development (concerning the endangered Cape rain frog), had not been fulfilled. Work has just started continuing again after the requisite landscaping plan and SEMP (site environmental management plan) have been supplied to the City by the developer and approved.

Neighbourhood Watch

Our crime subcommittee is in the process of setting this up for Wynberg – more information to follow soon.

Our vision for Wynberg 

We’ve met with city district manager Ossie Gonsalves earlier this week to begin to discuss our vision of Wynberg – and we would like to hear from you about this.

Please let us know your vision for Wynberg: I personally envisage an area that encourages far more use of public space, of a far greener suburb that has avenues of trees along the pavements and that has ensured protection for our rain frog, a safer suburb with less traffic hurtling along our roads, and of building restrictions that specifically include the street set-back to ensure safety and visibility with no departures granted in this regard.

What would you like here? Please send your replies to

 – Darron





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