Dealing with security-gate intruders

Security gates

Two Wynberg properties hardly 200 metres apart suffered attempted burglaries in the past 24 hours.

Security gate lift off rails

On Thursday July 17, two people tried to break in at 29 Mountain View Road by lifting the gate off its railing. Luckily the beam alarm went off and the intruders quickly disappeared.  One of the owners was at home and saw it happen.

Car: The intruders drove a green car, which they pulled up to partially block the gate. Unfortunately, there was not time to establish the make and registration.

What you should know about burglaries via a security gate

  • The robbers are fast. They are in and out in 3 minutes, so by the time your security company arrives they are long gone.
  • They often use crowbars to wrench open the gate.
  • They also rent top-qality late-model new cars from car-hire companies to blend into the neighbourhood… so be on on the lookout for smart cars (not wrecks) and be suspicious of any car parked outside a house being loaded with TVs, computers etc.
  • Be aware that they may strike again about a month later to relieve you of any stolen items you might have replaced.
  • Keep safe by keeping your eyes open, being on the lookout and informing the police and neighbourhood of any crime experienced.
  • Make your gate as impenetrable as possible, for instance by adding magnets and a bracket so it becomes almost impossible to lift.

(Thanks to Eveylyn Holtzhausen for most of the tips above.)

Fiddling at electric fence

A suspected burglar tried to enter a property on the corner of Silverlea and Prospect Hill Road early this morning but was prevented from doing so by the electric fence.


Wynberg is about to form a neighbourhood watch – we’ll post details over the weekend or you can read about it in the current issue of The People’s Post.



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  1. Hi all. My car was stolen this morning between five and six am and they broke into another three cars. So mad, but luckily police found my car in mithells plain. I am in gosport road wynberg.

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