How will City transport plan affect Wynberg?

Wynberg West residents will have to wait a  little longer to learn what exactly the impact of the City’s proposed transport plan will be on the suburb,  People’s Post reports.

The transport plan was revealed this week and includes a major MyCiTi trunk route – the Metro South East Corridor – running from Khayelitsha and Mitchell’s Plain to Wynberg and Claremont.

Residents have been on tenterhooks as  the plan may include a relief road for Main Road cutting through  Wynberg just below Cogill Road and carrying MyCiti buses.

Proposed relief road Wynberg

Residents are also concerned about the impact a relief road would have on the character and heritage of Wynberg, as the City has indicated that areas around the new MyCiti corridors will be earmarked for high-density development so that public transport will be within walking distance for as many people as possible.

According to People’s Post, City Mayoral Committee for Transport Brett Herron said routes through Wynberg West are still in the conceptual phase and finer details are not yet ready.

He could also not give any indication about when residents would be informed about the new routes or whether vacant council properties will form part  these future routes, the newspaper says.

Download the full story, including how the South East Corridor will run as well as how Wynberg East and Westlake will be impacted by the transport plan.

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