What projects would you like to see in Wynberg?

  • Time is running out to respond to the City of Cape Town’s invitation to residents to put forward projects for its 2015 budget. The WRRA puts forward its suggestions for projects – please contact the WRRA secretary should you wish to add to those.
  • Also remember the meeting on 17 June where Cape Town’s deputy mayor will speak and answer questions about the City’s funding sources and budget priorities.

Budget1 What projects would you like to see?

The WRRA recommends: Traffic calming measures and/or a field worker attached to work of the Haven as was previously connected to the Wynberg Improvement District initiative.

Each ward has R700 000 available for projects. Projects should be aligned with the City’s Integrated Development Plan and objectives.

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If you wish to add anything, please send your suggestions to WRRA secretary  Philip Kruger by 23 June.

2 Public meeting explaining how the City spends all sources of income it receives

Date   Tuesday 17 June 2014
Alphen Hall, Constantia Main Road, Constantia
City of Cape Town’s funding sources and budget priorities
Alderman Ian Neilson, deputy mayor and finance Mayco member







  1. What about cleaning up the council’s disgustingly filthy unkempt open spaces, Wilson, Kemms, Fleming, Tenby, Benjamin, covered in litter, poo, nappies and condoms, all of which attract more undesirables into the suburbs……vagrant-berg!

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