Inaugural meeting: 15 May 2014

A. ISSUES COVERED: Inauguration of WRRA

Wynberg Residents and Ratepayers inaugural meeting

Darron Araujo chairs the WRRA inaugural meeting. 85 people attended, more than 70 signed up.

1. Borders of area served by the WRRA

North: M3
East: Railway line
South: Plumstead
West: Constantia
Excluded Area covered by Old Wynberg Village Society


  • Any person living outside but close to the above borders, is welcome to join the WRRA.
  • Old Wynberg Village has been excluded at their own request. This is only for the time being.

2. Body corporates

Body corporates may only register as members of the WRRA if 50% of their membership are individual members.

3. Membership fees

  • R100 py per member
  • R70 py per pensioner
  • R80 py per member living in a body corporate, as long as more than 10 members of the particular body corporate belong to the WRRA.

4. WRRA Committee members

Sam Wilcox-Diedericks, Darron Araujo, Karen Gird, Kristina Davidson, Philip Kruger, Norman Jobson, Julian Emdon, Adam Pike, Bennie Bunshee

B. ISSUES COVERED: Pressing matters

1. Proposed relief road

Wynberg proposed transport plan

The proposed relief road is marked in red.

Details around the proposed relief road are decidedly unclear. It will probably run through mostly council property just west of Main Road. It will, for instance, run through what is currently the Pick n Pay parking area. It may or may not double up as a MyCiti bus route. It is unclear whether houses will have to be demolished to make way for the road.

A final plan will be announced in July, followed by an opportunity for public  comment and participation.

The proposed road is of concern to WRRA. Kristina Davidson consulted an expert city planner who countered arguments in favour of the proposed relief road as follows:

  • Argument: The traffic volume on Main Road is too high There has only been a 7% increase in Main Road traffic over the past 22 years, so relief of traffic congestion is not really needed.
  • Argument: The traffic volume on Main Road is bad for business If some of the traffic is diverted to a relief road, Main Road businesses will lose those clients.
  • A relief road will attract commercial ventures, which may result in commercial creep into residential areas.
    Other concerns:
  • The heavy Main Road traffic (buses, taxis, lorries, etc.) will be diverted through a residential area.
  • The council concerns densification as desirable within 500 m of a main throughfare so densification will also creep into the residential area.

2. Open council land

Open council land is currently a breeding place for crime, drug abuse, prostitution, etc. Council refuses to secure the areas as it is earmarked for the relief road. It was suggested that the community lease the land and use it for positive activities such as:

  • An indigenous corridor with silver trees, etc.
  • Allotments to use for organic agriculture, following the Oranjezicht City Farm model.

3. Crime

The Community Policing Forum will have its AGM at 19:00 on 28 May at the Wynberg police station. They will in future share all information and statistics with the WRRA. For more information, send an email to Pius Okiror at

4. 27 Orient Road

The WRRA will approach the city’s ombudsman about the way in which processes were followed in the decision to develop 27 Orient Road. More than 60 residents objected to the development but there was little constructive engagement with them. Because of a change in legislation, they can also no longer appeal the decision to develop the property.

5. Communication with councillor

Ward 62 councillor Elizabeth Brunette attended the meeting. Here she explains how the city works with  residents’ and ratepayers’ associations to distribute information.

Read the full minutes here.



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