Residents’ meeting: 16 April


1. Proposed Wynberg Residents’ and Ratepayers’ Association (WRRA)

An interim committee was elected, tasked with:

  1.  preparing a draft constitution
  2. defining the geographical boundaries
  3. calling an Inaugural General Meeting (IGM) to approve a constitution and elect an RA Committee.

Deadline mid-May, as the WRRA should be formally registered before the City Council starts the public participation on the transport plans expected in July.

Interim committee: Kristina Davidson, Gail Turner, Jean Hoets/Julian Emdon, Bennie Bunsee, Simone Williams, Sam Wilcox-Diedericks, Karen Gird, Darron Araujo, Norman Jobson

Tips offered by Rob Dutton of  Old Wynberg Village Conservation Group The proposed RRA must be very organised, have reprensentative membership, lots of members and incorporate one or two lawyers

2. Proposed couplet/MyCiti bus route

Residents are concerned about a proposed transport plan for Wynberg, which may include an new road through the residential area just west from Main Road. The road is indicated by the yellow dots below. The transport plan suggests that this road will used as a MyCiti bus route.

Couplet road map

Concerns voiced:

  • The road will cut right through a residential area and destroy the neighbourhood.
  • Following objections from residents in 2002, the subcouncil decided  to deproclaim the area intended for the road, but in practice this never happened.
  • Wynberg already has a good public transport infrastructure. However, the MyCiti bus route will not run between Wynberg and town, but between Wynberg and Khayelitsha.
  • City Council policy is to promote densification within 500 metres of major transport roads. This road could therefore push this boundary further west from Main Road and deeper into the suburb.
  • If the road would lead to industrial creep, residential property values could go down.

3. Role of councillors
Several concerns were raised about the lack of response from our local councillor to queries and complaints, and about the fact that there has been almost no public participation in issues of concern to the community, such as the proposed development of 27 Orient Road.

According to the Municipal Systems Act (2000) the needs of local communities should be addressed by councillors, including:

  • quarterly report-back meetings, and
  • annual community participation in the form of a vote on how the ward’s budget should be spent.

The formation of the WRRA will hopefully help solve residents’ frustration with their councillor.

Read the full minutes of the 16 April meeting here.



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